The Best of 2017

New Years brings new dreams, goals, and challenges. One of my many goals for the new year is to blog more frequently. I haven’t been giving the blog/website the attention it deserves as I have been focus on growing a social media presence, but I don’t want my email subscribers and readers to be left out!  I have a lot of great DIY projects I plan on doing and I can’t wait to share them with you!

So as the first blog post of 2018, I want to recap everything that happened in my first year of business!

New Years also brings many great memories, but this year I’m taking time to look back on one whole year in business and all the wonderful experiences it has brought! If it wasn’t for you and the rest of the Prairie Pine Designs customers, followers, and readers, I wouldn’t be in business. So this New Years, I wanted to personally thank you for your support and business! As of today, I have been able to plant 86 pine trees! I can wait to see this number continue to grow. Thank you for helping make a difference. 



Workshops weren’t even on my radar when I opened shop last January, which is hard for me to imagine since I love instructing them so much! I started offering DIY WOOD SIGN WORKSHOPS this past fall. It started out as a one time class that morphed into many more! Now, I have a fully booked January 2018 calendar full of them and am currently booking more for the rest of the upcoming year. 


2017 has been the best year yet, and I can’t wait for 2018 to begin! I have some amazing things to be thankful and grateful for this year, Chalk Couture being one of them. When I joined to be an independent designer five months ago, I never imagined that this brand new company would take me this far. I just wanted to get all the great products as a deep discount and to to use them in my wood sign business. Little did I know that I would build a team and guide others in their creative journeys in a few short months. December has brought wonderful leadership milestones for me within the company, and I am looking forward to growing, building, and crushing more goals in the New Year. 



I was really honored to be asked it make handmade signs for a storefront in Morton, MN! Having my signs in a store is definitely one of the top highlights of 2017! It is my goal to reach out to more local small business in Minnesota to have Prairie Pine Designs locally accessible for those who would love to shop for wood sign home decor! 🙂 If you’re not a MN native, you can also shop via the new online store!



Whether it’s consulting with you about a personalized design, meeting you at a DIY Workshop or vendor event, or chatting with you online via the blog or Facebook Live, I have the the opportunity to meet and grow relationships with so many amazing people! That has truly been the best part of it all! 

Thank you for an amazing year! If 2018 is anything like 2017, I know it will be a great year!

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