Rustic DIY Christmas Ornaments

My family and I live in rural Minnesota where woods are in abundance and nature walks are always a must. While walking through our small woods the other weekend, I had the idea of putting to use some of the fallen logs to make wood slice ornaments. Unfortunately, the wood was too wet and took too long to dry. So, I did the next best thing, I ordered pre-cut and pre-drilled ones off of Amazon here.

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The nice thing about ordering wood slices is that they are already sanded smooth and come with twine string to hang them from. Yes, it cost a little bit more to buy them, but it saved me a lot of time. So in my book, that’s a win!

I started this DIY project off by gathering the rest of my supplies. I then grabbed an old cardboard box and cut it flat to protect my work surface (my kitchen countertops). The list of the supplies needed is listed below:

2.0″-3.5″ Pre Cut Wood Slices

Chalkboard Paint

Small Paint Brush

Finishing Wax (optional)

Reusable Transfer

Chalkology Chalk Paste


Sealer (optional) 

The next step is to paint your wood slices with the Chalkboard Paint. Let the first sides that you paint dry for 2-3 hours, then go back and paint the other side so that both sides of the wood slice is painted with the chalkboard paint.

The first batch of wood slice ornaments that I bought and created with did not have the pre-cut holes for a twine string to that allowed for easy hanging. If you order or cut some yourself, here is how I cut holes in each ornament thanks to the help of my husband.

After the chalkboard paint was dry on both the front and back of all the ornaments, I decided to wax the surface of the paint. By waxing with Minwax Finishing Wax , I am able to easily wash off the Chalkology paste that I used to decorate them with. I wanted to be able to wash off the Chalkology paste because this will allow me to decorate these ornaments many times over, not just for Christmas. To learn more about this process or about the Chalkology Paste, check out my post About Chalk Couture.


Once your designs are dry, they are ready to be sprayed with a sealant if you wish or ready for the tree! Here are a few more examples that I created with the Mistletoe transfer (which you can find at


Didn’t they turn out so cute?! I’d love to here what you think! If you found this DIY tutorial helpful, please feel free to pin it!

Happy DIYing,


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