So you’re probably wondering, what does growth  have to do with a DIY blog? Well, not a whole lot to be honest. But, I know that there are many Prairie Pine followers who own their own creative business just like myself that are continually searching for ways to learn, grow, and monetize their gifts and talents. That is why I feel compelled to share.

Over the span of 2017, I did something I had never done before. Actually, I did several things, but what it all comes down to is one word, GROW. I chose the word “GROW” as my word for 2017. You may have heard others do this before. It’s a lot like a New Year’s Resolution. You pick a word for the year that you want to work on and achieve. For me, it was growing. I wanted and needed growth in all aspects of my life including spiritually, financially, emotionally, and especially in my new creative business. I also thought this word choice felt fitting to the Prairie Pine Designs business as I am continually pledging to plant a trees and watch them grow as the business grows….


One way I wanted to achieve this growth is by learning as much as I could about as much as I could.  The best way I thought of doing just that is of course by reading. It has been my goal for 2017 to read one book a month (12 books for the year). If you knew me throughout high school and college, you’d know that I hated to read. I still do. It’s not that I don’t enjoy learning, but I dislike how long it takes to read a book cover to cover. I don’t like taking that time to sit down to read when I could be doing something productive like crafting or cooking. Ha. 😉 So, I knew this was going to be a big challenge for me. That was until I discovered how awesome Audible is!

Audible (along with podcasts) have allowed me to listen to more books this past year than I ever have read in my whole life (true fact)! There have been days where I have listened to multiple books from start to finish in just a few hours! After discovering Audible and listening to great podcasts, I have grown in the grace and knowledge of the Lord, in myself, in my relationships, and in my business. Below is a list of books and podcast I have personally come to love and use as I continue my growth in this business and in myself.


This list contains Amazon affiliate links for your shopping convenience

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

The Magnolia Story – Chip & Joanna Gaines 

Business Boutique – Christy Wright 

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – John C. Maxwell 

Expert Secrets – Russell Brunson

Covering Your Business in Prayer – Jennifer Allwood 

This book isn’t found on Audible, therefore I haven’t read all of it yet. I actually own it via pdf version and am always referring to it with wherever I am at in my business at that time. You can download your own for FREE here. 

Freedom Journal – John Lee Dumas 

This “book” is actually a daily goals journal. I have had this journal for over 6 months now and still haven’t completed my #1 goal. But, that’s okay. It isn’t meant to be 100 consecutive days…it can be however long you need or like. I have discovered that by writing down my long term goals, along with my daily ones, keeps me extremely accountable.



Podcasts have been so helpful! I am subscribed to about 30 different ones, but here are my top favorites….

The Jennifer Allwood Show

Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn 

Business Boutique – Christy Wright


Dave Ramsey Show

Elevation Church – Steven Furtick 

Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield 

It is my hope that this small list of resources inspires you and your journey of growth whether it be for your creative business or yourself. I am also always open to new suggestions! Have a book recommendation? Please leave it in the comments below! I’d love to hear and read what you all suggest!

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