Farmhouse Thrift Store Upcycle

Who doesn’t love a great thrift store find?! Whenever I get the chance to go to the local “Bargain Barn”, I am never disappointed. This time around, I found a large mirror on sale, but I wasn’t loving the frame. Nothing a little paint and elbow grease can’t fix!

Here are the steps I took to create a very cute farmhouse styled mirror for my entryway this holiday season.

Step one: Find a framed mirror! This lovely golden framed mirror was $8.00 at my local thrift store.

Of course I found a number of other things while I was there 😀

Step Two: Gather your supplies. I used what I already had on hand, which includes a sample sized paint can of “antique white” from Valspar, a small paint brush and some scotch tape to save money.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Mirror with frame   (Local Thrift Store for $8.00)
  • Paint – Valspar Sampler   (Ace Hardware)
  • Paint Brush   
  • Tape 
  • thrift store farmhouse decor
    If I was starting from scratch, I’d use painters tape, some kraft paper, and some spray paint 🙂 The process of painting will go so much faster and smoother with spray paint verses hand brushing.
  • thrift store farmhouse decor
    This is what the mirror looked like before. As you can see in the photo, I used the scotch tape to tape off the edges of the mirror so that I could paint the edges of the frame.

Step three: Start painting! 🙂

Here is a Facebook Live video of me demonstrating how I painted the frame. (The video did get cut off due to connection). As mentioned above, spray paint would have been a lot easier to work with, but since I didn’t have any on hand but did have this sampler sized paint, I used a paint brush to use up what I already had on hand. After I finished painting it with three coats, I let it dry, then hung it up with a homemade evergreen wreath for this year’s Christmas decor.

Check out the final results below!

  • thrift store farmhouse decor
  • thrift store farmhouse decor
  • thrift store farmhouse decor
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