December Chalk Couture Transfer – Coming Soon!

Being an independent designer of Chalk Couture has it’s perks. One of them is receiving a monthly Club Couture transfer in the mail for FREE every single month! The Club Couture transfer is a brand new design that is available to designers before it is sold to the general public. So designers get to see and use the transfers first, before it’s sold and advertised on the Chalk Couture site!  I am looking forward to receiving this Club Couture transfer this month because I truly think it is ‘the best one yet!’ See what I did there 😉

It doesn’t only signify the beginning of the new year. It can represent anything you want it to. That’s what I love about decor, creativity, and Chalk Couture. It can mean so many different things to each of us, but yet look so beautiful!

What would you use this transfer for? Have you seen what else Chalk Couture has to offer? If not, check out all the awesome transfers, chalkology paste, and chalkboards at

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