Prairie Pine Designs Decals

Prairie Pine Designs doesn’t only do wood signs. I also love making custom decals! If you are looking for a personalized decal for your business front window, car, boat, computer, mug, tumbler, or special project – contact me today!

 Decals are permanent, but can be removed if necessary and stick best on flat glass or fiberglass. Multiple sizes, fonts, and colors available. Please contact me here to inquire about your next order!


1. Place decal face up on table or hard surface. Use squeegee or credit card to rub over surface. This will ensure the decal will stick to application tape when removing the backing.

2. Clean surface using water or preferably alcohol. Allow to dry.

3. With the decal face down, carefully and slowly remove the backing. If some of the decal sticks to backing, re-attach and repeat step 1.

4. Once your decal touches the surface, it will stick, so you will want to ensure your decal is straight before applying. We suggest you mark the area with a piece of tape or removable marker.

5. Once the decal is in place, use a squeegee or credit card to rub once again. This will ensure the decal will stay on window (or any other surface area you are applying it to) and all air bubbles have been removed.

6. Carefully remove application tape. Pull the tape back over itself. If bubbles appear, squeeze them out to the edge using a credit card or firm edge squeegee.

7. Allow the vinyl to “cure” for at least 24 hours once applied before any washing.

8. Hand wash item with decal only. No power washing or dishwashing!

For further instructions and details, please watch this decal application video! *

*Decal Giveaway is now closed.

If you have any questions or concerns about applying your decals, please contact me here. Thank you!