How to Create a Custom Doormat with Your Silhoutte Cameo

Cozy up your front door with a custom coir doormat that any guest (and you) will love!
Custom doormats can be expensive, especially if they are handpainted/made. I love the idea of having a custom doormat to welcome guest and to spruce up our outdoor home decor. Here you will find the steps needed to create your very own doormat for the fraction of the price 😉

Here’s what you need:


Step 1: Acquire a blank coir doormat. I prefer to get he 18″x30″ mats (or bigger) I find mine where ever they are on sale. I am always on the hunt for these, because I love making them for friends and family as gifts. If I can’t find them at your local Target on sale when I need one, I buy them from IKEA.
Step 2: Gather your supplies. You will need a foam painting brush, black (or any other color you wish to work with) latex paint, a sharpie to trace with and your lettering.
Side note (#1) : I have found that it works best to cut my lettering out on 631 vinyl to create a stencil. But, if you could also use Oramask 813 or freezer paper! 
Step 3: Create the lettering in the designs studio and cut. When designing, I adjust the page settings to accommodate the measurements of the doormat. So, I change the width to 30″ and the height to 18″. I then create my desired design withing these parameters to fit the doormat correctly. If my design is larger than 12″ wide (the width at which a Silhouette Cameo can cut) I splice the design to fit and connect it together during the transfer process. Also, make sure you select “None” for the cutting mat as you will have to cut without a mat.
Side Note (#2): Make sure your rollers are moved in the proper positions for cutting without a mat!  
Step 4: Weed your vinyl stencil and apply your transfer tape.  I prefer using this Expressions Vinyl Transfer Tape.
Side Note (#3): “Fuzz” your transfer tape before you apply it to your stencil. I do this by sticking it to my jeans or to the blank doormat a couple of times. This is important and will allow you to transfer you vinyl more smoothly than if you hadn’t. 
Step 5: Transfer your vinyl. This is the trickiest step as the vinyl does not like to stick to the coir doormat material very nicely. This is why “fuzzing” your transfer tape is a must. Take your time and do it in small sections if necessary. The stencil isn’t going to lay perfectly as it should on a wood sign or anything else you may create stencils for. But, that’s okay! The coir material doesn’t bleed, so it is very forgiving and easy to stencil on 😉
Step 6: Paint! Once your stencil is transferred, you are ready to paint your design. I like to use a medium sized foam brush.  Depending on your lettering or design, this can take the most time. But, it is fun seeing your custom work come to life! Depending on what colors you are using, you may have to do multiple coats. If this is the case, let each coat dry with the stencil. After your last coat of paint (which you don’t need to let dry) you can pull up your stencil.
Step 7: Let dry. Your doormat should sit for about 24 hours so that it can completely dry before walking or scrubbing off your shoes on it.
Step 8: Weatherproof. Spray you dry mat with outdoor spray sealer. I prefer using Minwax Spray Polyurathane. This too will take ~24 hours to dry.
Step 9: You done! Yay!
You can also check out my DIY Custom Doormat video tutorial over on my Facebook page here. I went #Live to show you just how simple it is.
If you have any questions about creating your own mat, please leave a comment below, and I’d be happy to answer!
If you found this tutorial helpful, please feel free to pin it! 🙂
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