About Chalk Couture





What is it?

Chalk Couture is a Chalk Transfer and Chalk Paste combination that you can use to simply create magical pieces of artwork.

The Chalk Couture Transfer is a reusable adhesive silkscreen which can be used on chalkboards, windows, glass, mirrors, tile, whiteboards, wood, painted furniture, fabric, and so much more.  The Transfers are available in many different fun designs, styles, and sizes.  With proper care, the transfer may be used many, many times.

The Chalkology Paste is a water soluble crafting paste that goes on wet, dries hard, and washes off nonporous surfaces with water.  It is used with Chalk Couture Transfers to create a beautiful design. Once the paste is dry, it will not smear or smudge and has a durable yet smooth texture/finish.  It can be layered, glittered (while it’s wet) and even written on (once it is dry).


Before you begin, we recommend gathering the following supplies and reading this entire pamphlet first.  (Further instructions on the use of the following items are listed in the next section.)

  1. The project piece you will be applying Chalk Couture to.
  2. Chalk Couture Paste, Transfer, and squeegee.
  3. A sharpie marker to label the slick backer of the transfer before you begin.
  4. A blow dryer.
  5. A clean dry towel to “fuzz” your transfer before initial use.
  6. A spray bottle filled with water for you to LIGHTLY MIST transfer or paste if needed.
  7. Wooden craft sticks to stir the paste before use.
  8. A paper plate or surface to place the open container of paste, used stir stick, and used squeegee while you remove the transfer from your project.
  9. A wet towel and Q-tips to remove any excess paste that was inadvertently applied outside of transfer area or for your hands if needed.
  10. Access to running water (to rinse paste from transfer and squeegee when finished).
  11. Disinfectant wipes (to further clean transfer after it is rinsed).
  12. A dry towel (to lay transfer on to clean with wipes and to air dry).

Watch this great DIY on how to use the products on glass! 


(* Do STEPS 1 through 4 the first time you use a new transfer only.)

  1. Remove new Chalk Couture Transfer from package and with a permanent marker write “Back” on the slick plastic backer that the transfer is attached to.  This will prevent you from replacing the transfer on the wrong side of backer when finished and damaging it.
  2. Use blow dryer on back of transfer for about 30 seconds to warm up adhesive.
  3. Fold a small corner of transfer and backing and carefully peel the two apart without allowing the sticky side of the transfer to fold back on itself.
  4. Place transfer sticky side down to a dry towel and then remove. The bit of “fuzz” left on the transfer from the towel will prevent it sticking too tightly to your project and causing stretching or damage when removed.
  5. Place the transfer sticky side down to the piece you are working with. If it is not centered where you would like it, carefully lift transfer from corners and place again
  6. Gently slide a dry squeegee across the transfer starting from the middle and working your way to the outsides to remove any air pockets around the design edges.
  7. Dip squeegee into paste and apply a thin layer across the entire design of the transfer. You will need to work quickly as you do not want the paste to dry on the transfer.  You can always (LIGHTLY) water mist the transfer with a spray bottle if needed.
  8. Once all areas are covered, use the squeegee to scrape off excess paste, put excess back into container, and close lid.
  9. Carefully peel the transfer away while paste is still wet to reveal the fabulous design.
  10. After removing the transfer from project, rinse all paste from transfer and place onto a flat surface covered with a cloth towel and wipe both sides with a disinfecting wipe to remove any remaining paste or residue from project. Wipe sticky side last and allow transfer to air dry with sticky side facing up.  This step done correctly will greatly lengthen the life of the transfer.  Rinse squeegee and allow to air dry.
  11. Once transfer is dry, apply backing to transfer being sure to adhere to the correct side. It is easiest to apply backer to transfer while transfer is laying flat with sticky side up. Smooth out air pockets before storing.  Allow paste on project to air dry as well.

Things to need to know.

If you are using the steel chalkboards from Chalk Couture or other chalkboard products that have a very slick surface, they will need to be waxed first.  You can tell the difference by the feel of the board.  If the surface is slick and shiny it will most likely need to be waxed.  Please note any board that is waxed and buffed must “cure” for 24 hours prior to applying chalk paste. More information on waxing and an instructional vide, please join the Charming Chalker’s Club FB group page here.

Traditional type chalk boards have a more dull and porous surface and these do not need to be waxed.  You can however, “prime” them if you like by laying a piece of traditional chalk sideways and marking the entire surface of the board with chalk and then wiping it off with a microfiber cloth before using chalk paste. There is no need to wax items such as glass, wood, tin, tile, painted surfaces, etc.

When using transfers on glass or tin be sure to “fuzz” the transfer before applying to your project.  This will help prevent the transfer from sticking too tightly to your project.  If the transfer sticks to tight, it may stretch or tear while you are removing it from your project.

Certain colors of the paste can stain so please keep that in mind before getting creative with red paste on your white refrigerator!

The transfers do not last forever.  They will however, last quite some time if they are cared for properly.  DO NOT allow the sticky sides to touch as they are hard to pull apart and can stretch.  DO wash all the paste from the transfer design, then wipe both sides of the transfer with disinfectant wipes, and allow to air dry with sticky side up.  After the transfer has dried, be sure to replace the backer to the transfer on the CORRECT side.

DO NOT leave your paste jar open for a prolonged period of time while you are creating as it will dry out.  Should the paste dry out, add a small amount of water and stir to bring the consistency to that of sour cream.

Glitter can be applied to wet paste after the transfer is removed but we suggest using fine glitter.

If you want to remove your design from a chalkboard, spray the design with water and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes.  Then simply wipe off with microfiber or soft cloth.

You can layer transfers on your project.  The layers of paste must be completely dry before applying another one.  You may use a blow dryer to speed dry time.  When applying new layers, press transfer down lightly and work quickly with your paste.  You DO NOT want to over saturate existing layers.

What Can I Use It On?

Originally, Chalkology Paste was specially formulated for use on Chalk Couture’s porcelain steel chalkboards.  The paste has since developed into a much more versatile product and it can be used on a very large variety of surfaces. There are many different materials on the market being sold and used as chalkboard that you can use to create.  Chalk Paste can also be used on wood, glass, fabric, painted drywall, painted furniture, metal chairs, windows, tin décor, custom made chalkboards, items painted with chalkboard paint, and the list goes on!

Different transfers can be combined for unique one of a kind designs.  Get creative!

As of February 2018, Chalk Couture now offers Chalk Couture INK! These inks work very similarly to any screen print inks and are permanent when heat set. You now can create T-shirts, baby bodysuits, tote bags, pillows, coffee mugs, tumblers, etc. with Chalk Couture Ink!! To see what colors are available and examples of what can be made, visit charmingchalker.com.

SHOP THE CATALOG : www.chalkcouture.com/catalog/

Good to know information.

Chalk Couture was started by Tara Roake from Utah after a chance purchase of a very large chalkboard which she masterfully used in her home to decorate and display photos.   This soon developed into Chalk Couture and the official public launch was on July 1st, 2017.   Want to see more creations and learn about what these products can do?! Join the Charming Chalker’s Club, you can also find me, Prairie Pine Designs, on Pinterest & Instagram.


You can view and purchase Chalk Couture products on my Chalk Shop or call me. Brianna Faust (Independent Designer), at 320-533-0087.

Chalk Couture is sold by Independent Designers who have the ability to sell to you personally, or you can go through that Designers website to have the product delivered or shipped directly to you. This product is not available in a retail setting much like the products of Avon and Tupperware.  Purchasing through an Independent Designer will insure that you will always have someone available that you can contact for instruction with the use of the product and or answers to your questions.

If you fall in love with the product, like most people do, you can speak to me about hosting a “Make and Take” party for your friends and family while earning hostess gifts.

If you REALLY LOVE the product you can call me at 320-533-0087 or email me at prairiepinedesigns@gmail.com for information about becoming an Independent Designer yourself to purchase products at wholesale pricing and earn commissions or JOIN HERE!

The possibilities are endless!